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So Long 2012…. You Were Great!

Thanks to everyone for a wonderful Holiday Market!

Amazing things have happened this year at White Rock Local Market. We are a tiny nonprofit, moving up to be a small one, and our small but devoted crew has worked hard to realize our goals…. We are so grateful for all of the wonderful experiences we have had this year.

Great things in 2012 that were new:

our nonprofit status; the WRLM membership program; our commitment to be growers-only; help from Kristen DeRocha, Arielle Richman, Kineta Massey, and Heather McRae; the WRLM office! our Sprouting Healthy Kids after school program; Heather Rinaldi and all of our talented after school teachers; Love Your Farmer volunteer days; workshops on pickles, cheese, chickens and such; new vendors: Noble Coyote, Fruth Farms, New Roots IRC Gardeners, John Wolf, Latte Da Dairy, Alpha Omega Acres, We Over Me Farm, Three Happy Cows, Cita’s Salsa, Brian Luscher’s Post Oak Red Hots, EMA Baking, Pop Star Handcrafted Popsicles, Just Pies; our small farmers and new artists – too many to mention; plans for 2013!

Great things in 2012 that were not new:

working with Mary and Bruce; the Green Spot; our patient neighbors at Lake Highlands Village; veteran artisans, growers and artists – too many to mention; Lisa Staffelbach and Lisa Taylor; being outside at 6am; breezy market days; the parking lot in 100 degree heat (so worth it!); our lovely jury; little boy volunteers; day-long parties twice a month; supporting local businesses; making money for other people!; seeing neighbors greet neighbors; great music; dancing children; visiting farms; selling tokens to Lone Star users; shoppers with bags stuffed full of veggies; bringing healthy food to our neighbors; bringing customers to farmers; vendors selling out; vendors trading with each other; eating lots of pie; watching someone walk away with a new bike; knowing we’ve created community…

Thank you to all of our vendors who worked so hard this year, and to all of our friends and neighbors who supported the market. Expect more in 2013…

Happy Holidays!


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Upcoming Markets and Events!

WRLM is on a break until March 2013.

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