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Do You Love Your Farmer? Join us at WRLM Love Your Farmer Days

WRLM Strengthens the Bonds Between Consumers and Farmers

With Love Your Farmer Days, White Rock Local Market organizes volunteer supporters to help small farm operations

White Rock Local Market is organizing the first in a series of Love Your Farmer Days, in which customers and patrons of WRLM donate their time and muscle power to help the farmers and ranchers that supply us with fresh produce, dairy products and meat.

The Love Your Farmer Days project realizes our core mission to create and strengthen relationships between consumers and food producers, by providing opportunities for our community to learn from – and help – small farm and ranch operations in north Texas.

Love Your Farmer Days participants will witness first hand the amount of work required to bring food to the table. Supporters of all ages will have an opportunity to lend a hand and assist with farm chores from weeding, digging and planting to building chicken coops and mending structures. Along the way, we will experience a more personal link to our food supply, and bring that knowledge home to our own kitchens and gardens.

One of the most rewarding things about being part of WRLM has been watching consumers build relationships with our fabulous vendors. We want Love Your Farmer Days to take it a step further, and create a real, direct and personal connection.

The first Love Your Farmer Days work session will be held September 29 2012 at Farmer Jones Plants and Produce in Poetry, Texas. Stay tuned for details!!!

To volunteer for Love Your Farmer Days, contact


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Upcoming Markets and Events!

WRLM is on a break until March 2013.

Stay tuned for updates on our new schedule....

Love Your Farmer Volunteer Days

Send an email to for information about future Love Your Farmer volunteer days.

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